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The Woman on PURPOSE Program is our Breakthrough Program for young women (18 to 30 years old) who want to live for a great cause and fulfil their God-ordained assignment! Spread over a month, you will be guided through an intimate, soul-stirring journey that helps you answer one of the most important questions in life – what are you here for?

Running as an online coaching course with a strong Christian theme, it demystifies the Question of Life’s Purpose from God’s perspective, and helps you look within to see the Script that is already written about you. Through the Woman on PURPOSE Program, you’d understand the defining patterns and processes you must embrace to break free from the crowd, discern your deepest vision and express your natural excellence.

In a three-throng framework, spread over one week each; you’d be taken through The Woman Code – how your innate wiring as a woman empowers you for lasting relationships, fluid influence, strategic execution and inner strength. The Purpose Question – deep truths on the ultimate Agenda of God, and how we play a key role in it. The RoadMap – thoughts, tools, and structure to determine your passion, distil your vision, clarify your message and document your goals.

The Program will provide you useful learning resources, case studies of contemporary women, personality profile test, videos and other resources. At the end, delegates will receive a Work your Vision Template to articulate their ideas for changing the world – answering the questions including who I am, where I am, what I have, where I want to be, to whom I am sent, to whom I must answer, the future world I see etc.

The Woman on PURPOSE Program will give you full access to:

  • Course Lessons
  • Videos
  • Mentor Interviews
  • My Personal Stories
  • Assessments and Quizzes
  • Reading Resources
  • Action Plan Templates
  • Closed Facebook Group to ask questions,
    learn more and connect
  • Downloadable eBook version of the entire
    Course, all yours for keeps, after it’s over!

This Course is for you if:

  • You are a woman in leadership, ministry and enterprise, seeking to grow your vision and expand your reach the more
  • You are a young woman with a call over your life, but lacking answers to take the next steps in life
  • You are a leading woman in the front line and want to raise other women to find their place and fulfill their purpose
  • You are freshly starting out with your assignment, and you want some hand-holding to give your vision a voice, and know the right kind of people to grow with
  • You are a woman seeking answers on your identity, purpose and future in God.
  • You own a business, run a ministry or lead a vision; and want to grow your influence as well as effectiveness.

What you would need:

  • 3 to 4 dedicated hours weekly to cover weekly sessions
  • A Computer and Internet Access
  • Media capacity to watch videos
  • A Journal to jot down personal lessons and goals

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Course Fee: N10, 000 | Next Open Date: Tuesday, 1st August 2017
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