The UNLEASH your SEXY eCourse is a 3-week, 9-module Program for married women, to help you to explore, embrace and express your amazing sexuality; in new, powerful ways. It is down-to-earth, extremely informative, fun and interactive Course that shows you to love yourself and embrace your body’s rhythm, build up sexual energy with your man, understand sex a whole lot better as well as overcome the top obstacles to intimacy.

This fully-online Course is an adventurous and practical journey into becoming a more confident, vibrant and sexually expressive woman, who knows how to give her husband some good ol’ loving! Whether you are the passive receiver, the unabashed initiator, the equal partner or the changing spouse, you can learn to make magic every time you make love!

Our Modules will show you how to blow your husband’s mind, and truly start to enjoy sex all the more! Being sexy is your thing! You may not know how to strut your stuff yet, but it’s in you! That’s why we are in this together girl, so that you can unleash your sexy!!!

This Program is delivered with Course Lessons, Videos, Assessments and Quizzes, Reading Resources, Action Plan Templates, Closed Networking Group and has graduated over 2, 000 women since it opened! UNLEASH your Sexy eCourse is still running for absolutely FREE but we encourage you to purchase the Sexual IQ Book for Women to help you maximize learning.

The UNLEASH your SEXY Course will give you full access to:

  • Course Lessons
  • Videos
  • Assessments and Quizzes
  • Reading Resources
  • Action Plan Templates
  • Closed Facebook Group to ask questions, learn more and connect
  • Downloadable eBook version of the entire Course, all yours for keeps, after it’s over!

This Course is for you if:

  • You already have a great intimacy with your husband but want to take things to the next level, because hey, this is your man and he deserves the sexiest you!
  • You are a married woman who wants valuable, how-to knowledge on sex but you’re not for dirty, unwholesome content
  • You want to master your sexual groove, take the inhibitions off and grow deeper intimacy with your husband
  • You don’t feel sexy because of your weight, body image, past, or the baggage of bad relationships and negative experiences
  • You are a newly-wed, and don’t know your way around this whole sex thing
  • You’ve lost yourself and sexual passion to motherhood, work, stress, emotional disconnection or medical conditions
  • You want to start all over again with your man, with fire all the way!
  • You are a Christian woman who’s struggling with unwholesome perspectives about sex


What you would need:

  • 3 to 4 dedicated hours weekly to cover 3 lessons per week
  • A Computer and Internet Access
  • Media capacity to watch videos
  • A Journal to jot down personal lessons and goals
  • Your husband as your accountability partner, to make application easier (you get?). This is Optional.

Check out Adeola Tosin Babatunde's Testimonial about the course:

“IMMERSE has literally changed me! I have taken two Courses at IMMERSE Coaching Company but I want to specifically comment on UNLEASH your Sexy eCourse. It was amazing!!!!!! Extremely eye opening! I have learnt things that seemed obvious and mundane to concepts that were out rightly ground breaking!!!!! I particularly like that everything we were taught was in an atmosphere of love and the content were in alignment with the Word of God!

Please it doesn’t matter if you have been married, 15 years or just 10 months, it doesn’t matter if you think you have no issue and you have a perfect marriage, it doesn’t matter if you think you have an issue that has gone beyond repair, the only criteria for women who want to join this Course is that they be married. Period!

You would wish every married woman you knew enrolled!!! I am not joking, some women who came across the Modules on my phone sent me their emails to join the Next Batch! I was particularly impressed with the openness and the realness in the Course….in other words, we treated the real issues that women think in their hearts but can’t voice out for a lot of reasons from shame to shyness.

You will be shocked to find out that there a lot of women also going through what you think is exclusive to your marriage, you will be even more shocked to realize that there is a solution and hope!!!!!!! My dear sister, if you are married, give yourself a gift today, register immediately to join this Next Batch.

After the Course, you will see that you will buy avocado tuna salad with egg and sweet corn with a chilled bottle of Yoghurt to celebrate!!!!!!! What you will get, you will not expect it!

Registration is Closed for 2018.

Course Fee: FREE | Next Open Date: 2019

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