The CLARITY Course

The Clarity Course is a high-impact week-long classroom program for women ready for a fresh start and a leap out of Comfort Zone into Stretch Street. It is an intensive mentorship sit-down with some of the most successful coaches today, to help you assess the current life phase you’re in, as well as clarify a Personal Roadmap for opening your Next Level.

If you’re struggling with plotting a clear path for what’s ahead, or feel stuck in a rut, or want to shift into a Stretch Zone so that you can smash your goals; then this Clarity Course is for you. It is for achievers who want to disrupt their Status Quo and receive a new perspective to all parts of their lives.

Almost like a getaway of sorts, delegates are welcomed to Class daily at an Executive Training Facility within a serene location that promotes self-reflection, mental recreation and quiet commitment. Usually an intimate class, you’d have mentors walking through the key areas of your life with you- covering Career/ Business, Money/ Finance/ Wealth, Marriage/ Relationship, Emotional Stress/ Heart Break/ Trauma/ Physical Stress and Life Purpose/ Assignment. General Sessions will cover Goal Setting and Life Planning, Vision Casting/ Vision Boards and Personality Profile Assessment.

You will take a Full Life Assessment to show you where you are, receive Affirmations for What’s Ahead, and a free copy of Classic Productivity Plus Journal to design your best life. This Executive MPT (Masters of Personal Transformation) will give you an objective appraisal of where you are, and a defining guide to open up a new vista in your life.

The Mentors will also share their Hacks with the students, showing us simple things that literally changed their lives. Running from Monday through Saturday, the Clarity Course currently holds in Lagos only and rounds off with a heartfelt graduation lunch with Certificates, Creeds, lots of good food and great fun!

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Course Fee: N35, 000 | Monday, 4th March 2018, Monday, 4th June 2018, Monday, 10th September 2018

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