One-Day Mindful DETOX Sessions

These sessions are IMMERSE Pick-Me-Up short courses that ride on the principle of detoxification. Just as the detoxification procedure cleanses your diet so as to rid the body system of harmful substances that stress it; our Mindful Detox Sessions take you through a one-day awakening to rid your soul of a backlog of pain, stress, frustrations and emotional tensions.

Our delegates have often said they left the session feeling like “their hearts were washed clean!”

Just like detox have been known to cleanse the system, stimulate the liver, optimize body organs, restore the skin and improve energy – so can a Soul Detox do wonders for your mind! Here’s why: it is very possible that recently or in the last three months; you’d had difficult or uncomfortable experiences that took a toll on your emotions. It could have been relationship issues or weakening intimacy with your spouse, financial challenges, work-related politics, weak spirituality, frustrations from unmet needs or unfulfilled expectations and it could even be a constant struggle to balance your life’s demands.

Now, if you are like most people; you typically carry on with daily living without really paying attention to accumulated negative emotions and stressors from the difficult situations in your life – so though you are showing up daily and going through the motions; there is a backlog of negativity in your soul.

Thus, the Mindful Detox Session works with a Framework created by Debola Deji-Kurunmi, that helps you confront and overcome the eight critical elements capable of stealing your joy and cluttering your mind. This Program is for those who want to learn mental resilience, master stress and achieve balance; as well as for women seeking cleansing in their minds and to start their journey towards healing and recovery.

This Session could be for you if:

  • You are experiencing an addiction to social media or distracted TV watching, without being able to do so much with your time
  • You are unable to follow through with your goals or action plan
  • You are constantly critical, sarcastic or cynical in your speech to most people around you.
  • You are experiencing relationship crises with many friends and you feel “they can leave if they want to leave”.
  • Your heart is deeply sad, even when you can’t explain why.
  • Your sleep doesn’t refresh you, and you often wake up still feeling tired!
  • You have constant headaches, body aches and/ or neck/ joint pains.
  • You hardly find anything exciting these days; you’re mostly bored with everything.
  • You keep finding yourself in situations where you feel like the victim, or feel taken for granted.
  • You can’t pray, study the Word or Worship.
  • You don’t feel a sense of control in your life
  • You’ve lost your creative edge – with writing, singing, painting, speaking, dancing etc.
  • You’re eating mindlessly and gaining more weight than you want to.
  • Your room, car, house, office space are in a mess or too cluttered.
  • You feel overwhelmed and constantly under water with too many demands in your life.

Spend a day fixing you! Join the next Mindful Detox Session.

Course Fee: N15, 000 | Next Open Date: Friday 28th September 2018 | Saturday 6th October 2018

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