The IMMERSE MasterMind, it is a high-level six-week self-revolution gang, where I walk closely in my best coaching element, with ten women only, to take a dare for their highest human versions yet by 2018. During the MasterMind, we will simulate an Eagle Rebirth Incubation – a deliberately intense, deeply reflective and extremely daring concentration of strength, skill and soul to birth your inner next level.

In 6 weeks, you will answer brand-new IMMERSE questions, experience light-bulb moments and interact with resources that will turn your mind right-side-up! The Curriculum will follow a woman’s core Life Goals and help set up an Action Planner (for review every three months). All ten women will meet with between 3 and 5 coaches in areas of family and relationships, financial mastery, business strategy, career progression as well as personal leadership and agility.

During the period, I will take you through The Shred Process, an extremely revealing and self-introspective journey where you’d be asking yourself questions about 12 most critical parts of your life. You will document your strengths, weaknesses, fears, self-limiting beliefs, grand dreams, goals and life plans as well as relationships.

You will do a lot of reading and writing to interact with new thoughts and higher knowledge, as well as seeking feedback from people in your life. There would be the Purpose Mapping Session, you will come out with a stronger understanding of what you are here to do.

Then we’d get into Mentorship. We’d be meeting with thought leaders, asking questions, coming nose-to-nose with secrets, gaining insight and hopefully, adopting new methods for better results. You’d be spending time with people you’ve been hungry to meet!

The MasterMind will close with the Eagle Rebirth Action Planning – a supervised goal setting system to release your inner next level. We will stay together in a group accountability platform to see how each goes forward with the goals, for the next 3 months.

It will light fire under your butt, girl…you need it. This MasterMind is like inspiration on steroids. Be warned that it is very serious, demanding and sets very high expectations of you but it will transform your earning power in 2018, help you launch your creative pursuits, realign your relationships, set you at peace with your past, and put you back in control of your choices.

Through this Gang, we hit the ground running and support ourselves in a collective ecosystem where your energy is meeting with the courage of other go-getter girls.

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Course Fee: N100, 000 | Next Open Date: Monday, 11th March 2018

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