IMMERSE Coaching Company is building Africa’s foremost Personal Transformation Academy for women of all ages, equipping you to launch a higher version of yourself and live your best life today! We are an alternative education bootcamp, leveraging breakthrough coaching methodologies, to show you how to accelerate your life and create your own personal success!

Our Courses and Programs spur women on a journey of personal introspection, deep healing, self-rediscovery and purposeful action in the key areas of life. When you come on board, we help you to find your answers and step out into your vision, even it is takes you on a path less travelled!

With our Go-Getter Gang is a growing community of over 2, 500 alumni, over 40 Coaches, 10 mentors and a Spirited Team; you’d find true sisters supporting you to live passionately and purposefully!

Most women have ideals of success handed down to them by society, and we are often caught in the race to fit into the expectations set for us, whether or not it makes us happy. But true success is very personal to who you really are and what you want for your life. IMMERSE will help you design your Dream Life from inside out and have fun smashing your big goals without compromising the things they hold dear!

We have an authentic, time-proven and real-life-tested recipe for forcing you to confront your fears; helping you dig up your dreams, outgrow your comfort zone, discover your true self, start all over again, heal from your past, build a fresh start and create your personal success! Check our TESTIMONIALS (link to testimonials tab) to see the stories of so many women whose lives took off after an IMMERSE Course.

The Company kicked off September 2014 with its flagship program – IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge, a month-long email-based course for women seeking to deep-rooted transformations in their mind and life. This home-study Course is grounded in research and proven with results to help you strip off layers of pain, pretense, limiting beliefs or busyness; and step into personal discovery, goal setting and purposeful action.

Since we started, we have launched other courses and programs including IMMERSE MasterMind, IMMERSE 6-Week YOUniversity, Unleash your Sexy eCourse, The Clarity Course, Mindful Detox and Life Planning Sessions, The Acceleration Campus etc. and have graduated over 2, 600 women across 11 countries, in a total of almost 20 batches of different programs.