IMMERSE 6-Week YOUniversity

The IMMERSE 6-WEEK YOUniversity is one of our highest creations and we feel extremely proud of how it launches women into their creative zone and a high-powered path to all-round successful lives! The YOUniversity is the likely to be the best degree you’d ever have from an unconventional school that shows you how to make your life work and succeed while being you! A 12-part, 6-week Complete Personal Success Manifesto for Go-Getter Women, it is delivered totally online and closes with small group meet-ups for you and your new power sisters.

Delivered with a strong Video Course element, we walk you into the behind-the-scene lives of Nigeria’s most outstanding men and women under 45 years old; who have built their empires from scratch with principles of gut, guts and gusto – things we hold dear at IMMERSE Coaching Company. You’d be inspired, intrigued and instructed by their stories of courage, creativity, passion and pathways without losing their values and vision.

Let’s just say your mind is about to be blown, your eyes are about to pop, and your life is about to swing upwards! This Course will hand you 12 exceptional virtual mentors who will share their principles of success for the 12 key areas of your life. The Video Interviews are exciting, engaging and expository – we doubt you’ve seen anything like it!

Each Module covers a key area of a woman’s life; starts with crafting your vision for personal success in each area, then you interact with Learning Resources, Video Sessions, Assessments and Reflection Questions.

You’d also be placed in Small Networking Teams with women of like passion, to further learning, drive connections and collaborations as well as review a game-changer book together. At the end of the Program, you and your team members will plan and host a Vision Hangout in your city to consolidate future plans. Joining this Course is likely to be the beginning of your best life.


Course Fee: N22, 500 | Next Open Date: Monday, 16th April 2018

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