IMMERSE 30-Day Transformation Challenge is our flagship Program at IMMERSE Coaching Company for women who want to launch a higher version of themselves. The Course is a transformational 30-day online coaching journey where we engage you to answer 20 Power Questions on the most important aspects of your life that will reshape your thinking, ignite self-discovery and help you take flight with your long-standing dreams!

Since 2014, over 900 women have graduated from the unforgettable experience! During the Challenge, women run through the IMMERSE Curriculum including 20 IMMERSE Questions, empowering Resources (articles, diagnostics, videos), a Personality Profile Assessment, one soul-stirring Essay/ Book Review, a Group Passion Project and are assigned to Delegate Hub Managers who ensure questions are answered, resources are maximized, performance trackers are filled, administrative queries are resolved and team cohesion is achieved.

As it literally means, the IMMERSE Curriculum is very rigorous, intense, engaging and painfully truthful. Students in each Cohort are expected to devote at least 2 hours daily for the Coaching Classes, Learning Group Activities, assignments, and an Essay.

Another exciting and fulfilling part of the Program is usually the Passion Project which affords delegates to work with their Smaller Team to host a community project, an initiative or a hope outreach to support the under-served, unreached or needy in the society.

At the close of the Academy, we give you our greatest gift of all, as we guide you to create your Life Action Plan based on your answers to the IMMERSE Questions as well as set actionable goals for the New You! The 30 Day Challenge rounds off with Personalized Feedback, Report as well as customized Certificate.

IMMERSE changes your perspective about life, about yourself, about your dreams and what is possible! The IMMERSE Challenge is for women serious about finding themselves, rediscovering their inner agility, executing their plans and meeting other go-getter girls.

Alongside full access to the Course, delegates receive DISCOUNTED access to the next Acceleration Campus after their Batch, as well as our classic Mindful Detox WorkBook that help women confront and overcome the eight critical elements capable of stealing their joy and cluttering their minds.

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Next Open Date – Monday, 12th November 2018

Course Fee: N10, 000

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