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Hey, I am Debola Deji-Kurunmi, fondly called DDK by those who love me, and I’m your sister from another mother! Since 2004, I have actively supported women to pursue their dreams through mentoring, coaching and leadership. I have written 13 books including the very acclaimed FIREBRAND, spoken at over 250 women conferences and led an international non-profit focused on women.

My work in the last 13 years has significantly helped me grow a real understanding of the unique wiring of a woman, her gifts, struggles and different seasons of life. I have met hundreds of women, counseled quite a number as well as walked them through dark patches and bright victories. It has been exhilarating!

For many years, I had gone in large, empty circles myself; knowing that I carried something great inside but always searching for that amazing woman hiding within me. In my quiet moments, I’d see her – strong, powerful and glorious but when real life kicks in, she’d be all covered in self-doubt, fear and frustration. When I got tired of the hide and seek, I started asking myself questions that touched my core, challenged my beliefs and showed me to me.

The results still blow my mind! I am emerging into my own woman, and that growth graph has been an ever increasing one! As God continues to work in me, my higher self is being released and my vision for life is elevated. I know now that the real magic is not seeking anything on the external to give us fulfillment; it is about being courageous enough to unearth, nurture and release our inner glory!

From juggling marriage to being mum of 3 young children, to running multiple businesses and a quickly growing ministry; I still find time to write books, host and speak at conferences, stay in shape, build relationships in my life and sharpen my character. My life’s purpose is clear to me, I have multiplied my earning power and continue to create an enlarging community of go-getter women! The journey is on, and I love every bit of it.

Today, my vision is to help women live awake – to become a higher version of yourself each new season as you listen to the answers inside you; after all, your only real competition is you!

For the other exciting sides of me, I am the President at Deborah Initiative for Women, Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company, Executive Director at Ideation Hub Africa and Curator of the BIG WHY Project.

I am a 2012 Girl Child Ambassador, 2013 Coca-Cola Scholar at Pan Atlantic University, 2014 GAME Champion of Change, 2015 Amani Ambassador, 2016 and 2017 Queen Young Leaders’ Program UK Mentor, and currently sit as a Youth Representative at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group.